Escape to Cox's River

Only weeks after my visit to the Basin Campsite at Watagans State Forest a couple of hours north east out of Sydney and it was time to hit the trail again. This time for a 10km hike with my good friend and videographer, Joe Harrison, to Cox's River Campsite; a spot about 14 km along the famous Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains, NSW.


The trail took us through some private angus stud paddocks disguised as rolling hills. With views like this not even a spot of rain could dampen our spirits. We stopped occasionally to pull out our cameras and enjoy what the path had to offer.

Joe got up close and personal with a log...

Joe got up close and personal with a log...

...and so did I.   

...and so did I.


Six Foot Track Jeremy Plaisance

It's always a good feeling when the rope bridge comes in to view along the trail. It means the campsite's just a stone's throw away!

Cox's River Campsite

Once we had our tents pitched and the fire started, what else was there to do but sit back and enjoy a single malt as the sun came down?

Cox's River

...Grab our cameras and go exploring of course!

cox's river

Until nighted descended and there was naught else be fire gazing ahead of us.

camp fire
light writing

It was just an overnighter this time. Just long enough to get the city out of our systems, but not quite long enough to truly soak in this beautiful part of Australia. So we'll see you again soon, Cox's River.

blue mountains